Sunday, 13 March 2011

Happy Birthday Libby

Happy birthday Libby.  It is a known fact that Libby loves nail polish, her collection is incredible, so for her birthday (which was today if you haven't picked up on that) I got her Blue Satin Chanel nail polish.  As for the other jar, which is Rouge Noir, I gave it to my other friend Déna, whose birthday was actually a week ago, but me being my disorganised self, I only just gave her her present today.  And of course both of their presents were accompanied by carnations and swiss chocolate.  So happy birthday Libby and happy late birthday Déna, I hope you enjoy your presents!
(Click read more for a close up on the colours and for more photos)

1 comment:

  1. "Rouge Noir" looks really nice.I enjoy reading your blog, and I just love your looks (...platform shoes!).
    Elvire, from France ;)