Sunday, 11 December 2011

Back 4 Summer Break

 A lot of my followers from my tumblr have been asking me to start up my blogspot again and it's summer break so I decided to just do it.  Since I wont be forced into wearing a fugly school uniform everyday I thought why not.  & so I will be sharing with you my summer holidays of 2011/2012, I think they're going to be my best yet.  I already have plans to catch up with some old friends, going to be doing some rad shoots, my best friend Jordan is visiting from Melbourne and two of my friends have their parents going away for a few weeks, woo ~~

I'll keep you all posted on what goes down, also in this post I'm wearing a Ralph Lauren top, Arvust shorts and Cons that used to be my high tops but i cut them into lows.

laters h8ers

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