Saturday, 7 May 2011

I am going to start posting more regularly,

As the the title of this post states, I am going to start posting more regularly.  And to mark this occasion I am going to tell you ten interesting facts about myself.

1. I am 169 cm tall (I know this is a rather lame fact, but a lot of you are asking about my height)
2. I have a bizarre obsession with Manhattan, although I have never visited
3. I like my toast burnt
4. I never throw away my magazines and my pile is becoming to much to manage
5. I don't think clothes should be kept in closets, they should always be displayed
6. I enjoy math
7. I have Adele on repeat
8. I like songs with meaning
9. My diet is incredibly unhealthy
10. Miuccia Prada is my favorite designer: I'm so cliché


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  2. So i may just have to admit that you are officially my new favourite blog, i'm loving beautiful Aussie guys with their edgy and quirky style, seriously inspiring stuff, just beautiful! Oh and, I agree, burnt toast is real toast and it shouldn't be any other way, and Adele's voice follows me most of my day. Phenomenal new album and singer! Officially following and can't wait to see more xxx