Monday, 11 April 2011

Two Points

Shirt - Arvust, Chinos - Levi's, Shoes - Prada, Bag - French Connection, Glasses - Dita
There is two things I need to make not of in the this post:
1. The Shoes - At first I really disliked how the leather was creasing and they were looking a bit worn, which is not to much  of a surprise considering I wear them everywhere, but now I love it.  Especially in the left shoe, I love the way the  leather has folded and creased, it gives the shoes such drama and depth.
2. The Glasses - The Glasses are not actually mine, they were leant to me by Dita (the brand of the glasses) for a special project they asked me and a few other bloggers to participate in.  Over the time I have been in possession of the glasses I have fallen more and more in love with them and occasionally I go out and sport them, like today.  Unfortunately it is almost time for me to return the glasses, but that does mean that soon I can reveal more about what the project is all about. Can't wait to tell you all!


  1. i love it

  2. your style is amazing and im extremely jealous of your prada shoes :) i wish i actually knew guys who dressed like you


  3. 1. love the blog, you have absolutely amazing style and a great shoe collection. the platforms are killing it!!!
    2. how do i e-mail you? can't seem to find your contact info. i've got a few questions regarding australian designers and retailers:)

    xo colby

  4. Very nice pants! :D
    Love u boy!