Friday, 22 April 2011

My Babies

Shoes - Prada
This week my friend who I had not seen in almost two years visited me for a few days, meaning 4 am nights and 7 am starts.  I've missed her so much.


  1. lol I love how you brand your socks haha.

    Loving the first imagery btw x

  2. for some reason i had not seen a single picture of the men's version of the Pradas until now.
    i think they are perfect + slightly less identifiable / in-your-face compared to the women's version.

  3. your style is amazing
    where can i find a man like you in england!?

  4. WERK the hell out of those beautiful Prada brogues. So jealous that you own a pair. I have been trying to get a pair of them but they are sold out everywhere. Not even the Prada boutiques in California carry them at the moment. Lucky you. Great look and style. Always nice to see other male bloggers..

    All the best, Angel

  5. I like your shoes.Pretty amazing ;)

    ( hope you like mine)

  6. Ahh! The shoes are just so great!

  7. I like your blog! And your outfit, too. The style is easy but still interesting and you are one of the very rare guys who works short trousers.

    Love Christal