Sunday, 6 March 2011

Shirt - Saba, Belt - DKNY, Shorts - Cotton On/DIY, Socks - Back Of The Closet, Shoes - Atoine & Stanley

Summer is over (thank god) but I thought I would show you a typical summer outfit of mine, before it's to late.  In summer I dress down a bit, suit shorts and a t shirt is pretty much it.  The reason I dislike summer is that what you can wear is so limited, especially for guys, and in Sydney it gets far to hot for sweaters and collared shirts.  But there is no need for any further complaining as Summer is finally over.  I am so excited for the cooler months, I love experimenting with different layers and textures.


  1. Oh boy! Your blog is very great!
    I love your style...
    anyway i dislike summer too for the same reasons!
    I love fall and winter! :D
    Luv u so much!


  2. love your shorts and your shoes! great blog!

    <3 steffy

  3. adorable style!
    following you!


  4. I am absolutely in love with you, your style and both blogs! keep up the great work!
    ps. hope to bump into you and your camera again haha